Christmas mood

I posted this mini-essay in 2 languages almost at every social platform I currently use because I believe with all my heart in what it says. Here it is:

When you are getting older, it is paramount to remember: the responsibility for your Christmas mood is your now. I am hearing from many friends of mine that somehow the magic of this time of the year is gone. Now December is just another month and New Year and Christmas times are just days where they will rest. Unlike it was in the childhood: holiday spirit, joy, an anticipation of something good and marvelous to happen. Tricky thing is that Christmas mood never just happened to us.  A party of grown-ups always stood behind every scent of miracles that we used to feel as kids. They did it through Christmas evening planning, lights, tangerines and major cleaning of the house. Now it is our responsibility. Now we are the one who turn “another-ordinary-day” into a day of miracles.

I hope, that all of us will try to do their best to spread this joyful spirit of coming holidays and mind-blowing miracles. Miracles are always closer than we think.

May this winter be kind to you, dears.


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