Informational wars. Rules to stay a human.

Dedicated to every human being. To remember in times of widely-spread informational wars that happen around:

1) Any war will be over one day.
2) Each nation has different people, and not everyone is involved in the war. It is not necessary to insult everyone.
3) Politicians will agree afterwards while you might stay in the mud of your own, not careful words that you have chosen for your “idealogical opponents”.
4) Everyone lies during the war. Do not spread the information you are not sure about or you can not confirm the truthiness. Share what you saw with your own eyes – this is fair. Everything else, most likely, will be a participation in the lie.
5) Do you want to express your attitude towards politics? Do it. But do not insult people.
6) You don’t like someone’s opinion on something but can not hold yourself back but to comment on it? Comment. But on the opinion and NOT A PERSON.
7) To hate people whom you don’t know is estimated to be a pathology.
8) Relationships between people have always been complicated, even on a family or work team’s levels. Relationships between countries are much more complicated. Everything is plain and simple only for fools. Don’t be in a hurry to make conclusions.
9) Always remain a human. Remember paragraph 1.


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