Big Magic

Liberation. Acceptance. Creativity.

These three words come to my mind when I think about the book by E. Gilbert “Big Magic”. You know how it happens with books — you just pick one randomly, without too many thoughts and it happened to be the right one.

I just really liked the colours of the cover, to be honest. So bubbly and bright — they promised some fun inside. And there is so much fun. I haven’t finished the book yet but already want to imprint the feelings (is it possible at all?) and thoughts of what I have already allowed going through myself.

This book essentially talks about how is your creativity is mostly for you. And if it happened that your art is appreciated by other people, well, lucky you are. But if not, it’s not the world responsibility to provide you with admiration or distinguish for your work. It is primarily your job. To love what you do, work hard and consistently, enjoy and sometimes suffer through the process. Produce. Nevertheless, once it leaves “your table”, it is there to just be.

I find a lot of liberation in this concept. This outlook is ultimately right for me because it removes the pressure of the things that, to be totally honest, you cannot control. The appreciation or admiration of your work is one of these uncontrollable things.

And it is so good that I was just reminded that this not the thing to worry about.

Just do your jam, baby.



2 thoughts on “Big Magic

  1. An amazing concept. Mentally liberating in itself. If one were to bother about what impression one’s artistic expression made at all times, one wouldn’t be sincere to one’s self. Too many ones. Короче, ты меня поняла:)

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